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You can license one of these excellent Windows editor/librarians for multiple MIDI instruments*:

Or for a much smaller license fee, you'll find the programming handiwork of Mark Lanoszka is excellent. Check out his pages for descriptions of these editors and other software that he has created.

Please remember that these programs are shareware. Mark has obviously put lots of effort and creativity into these applications. Please register the programs if you use them!

This link will get you a 32-bit version of the Korg Wavestation Editor. Mark's editor knows everything about the Wavestation. It can edit the wave-sequencing even though this still seems to baffle some of the more commercial editors. It has an excellent interface to the vector synthesis, as well! It knows the differences between the EX, A/D and SR models. It also includes an excellent sysex manager for the Wavestation. If you've downloaded all those banks from the web and want to know what sounds are in them before you load them into your Wavestation, this editor may be the help you've been looking for! Thanks, Mark!

For more information on the Korg Wavestation, look here.

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