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Disappointment and...

Disappointment and Delight I

At the edge of an island, a young man opens the door to his cottage and looks out. He notices an ache in the middle of his back and stiffness in his knees and elbows. He tries to stretch towards the rising sun.

Timid Advances

His cottage is small. It is just enough to get by.


He believes he is tender and fragile. Some of his wounds he carries like a chip out of the corner of a china tea cup.


He sees the ocean and island as a contrast to himself. They are strong and full and expansive and beautiful.

Lydian Waltz

He spends his days dancing with the ocean, the island beauty, and the creatures he meets. Then, one day, the young man becomes sad and disappointed. Something has changed.

Imaginary Play Room

In his sadness, he hangs his head and says goodbye to the island life. He walks slowly towards the cottage, closes the door and does not come out for a long, long time. 


The creatures and the ocean wait and wonder.

Day Alone

Each morning, they notice the cottage is changing: sometimes colors, sometimes size, sometimes shape.

Sleeping Beauty

Finally, he emerges, his body limber and free, dancing with the ease of the swaying trees and beauty of the ocean surf.

Down the Dawn Way

It is a new day and they all know it. They play together as the sun oozes its warm morning colors into the cool, blue sky. 


At nightfall, he invites the island creatures to come to his home to celebrate. This time, as he opens the door and enters, everyone knows that something has changed. At last, the island sleeps peacefully.


...on the edge of an island, a man opens the door to his mansion and looks out. He enjoys the limitless freedom of expanding towards the rising sun 

Disappointment and Delight II

Cover art and design are copyright © 2001 by Stanley G. Stewart.

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