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Duo - a violin on top of a bunch of music scores

Duos – Scales of Collaboration

Duos may be the most basic form of collaboration, but they demonstrate all of the challenges and beauty of two-heads-are-better.

Stan Stewart NOW

What’s up now? – Stan Stewart

My “now” page was last updated Stuff I’m doing right now includes… The “now” happening list Practicing composing, songwriting,¬†piano, guitar, and singing. I have a set of duos underway… I completed my opus not too long ago, “Requiem For a Stranger”. Check out that creative process: the history of the requiem, creating a choir in …

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Events and Gigs – Stan Stewart

Welcome to Stan Stewart’s Events Page Click here for Stan’s press kit (EPK) including statistics and publicity photos. As a solo performer or in ensembles, you can book Stan Stewart. He does a variety of collaborations which you can learn more about by following his newsletter or social media posts. In addition to dozens of …

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