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#2FollowTuesday volume 32 – friends

I’m back with volume 32 of #2FollowTuesday. Today, I’ll introduce you to two friends who connected with me around our mutual interests. They continue to impress me with their qualities.

A few years ago, I met Tom Godell when he responded to one of my tweets about classical music. Since then, he’s been happy to share his educated — and sometimes opinionated (in a good way) — views on the classic composers from Beethoven to Weber. In addition, Tom shares classics of other sorts: blues, jazz, and contemporary performers from a number of musical styles.

Not one to be pigeon-holed, you’ll also find everything from sports to poetry among his tweets as well. Please follow Tom on Twitter and say “hello” from me!

I find it so satisfying to connect with people who are lovingly passionate about what they do. This is true whether it is their career or a simple act of kindness. Medium Máirín is a perfect example of this. Her generosity and kindness are so inspiring to me. Plus, her groundedness coupled with a deep understanding of spirituality make her a fascinating person. Connecting with Máirín has been a wonderful experience for me. I hope you’ll find her inspirational, too!

Thanks, Friends!Friends

Check back soon for more recommendations and for my upcoming charity album release. I enjoy offering kudos to people with whom I’ve connected on Twitter. In some important ways, the community there remains uplifting. As I’ve already noted, this is a trickier business than I had expected: I’m sad to see my friends continue to leave Twitter for a myriad of reasons — mostly having to do with bullies and trolls. When it’s coming from the “top”, I’m sure it’s difficult for the network to fight it.

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