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#2FollowTuesday volume 31 (support)

My recommendations this week include two good-hearted people who are incredibly consistent. Please read on and follow them.

Many people on Twitter and across the interwebs get support from Mak Makay. With his consistency for sharing the positive and beautiful posts of his friends, he shows up as a real star on Twitter. Once you follow him, you won’t be disappointed when see all that he shares. Please say “hello” from me and give him some support back.

Chris Watkins is a prolific tweeter with a message to share. Besides sharing his own music links, Chris offers support to other musicians and fans with retweets. You’ll find no shortage of listening material and good vibes here. Please follow Chris and say “hi” from me.

SupportThanks! Please check back soon for more Twitter recommendations and new music.

Support is a good thing. At the same time you may have heard it said that it’s not always easy to find. With the fluid nature of social networks people and brands seem to come and go very quickly. In less than a year of celebrating #2FollowTuesday regularly (though not every week — sorry), scanning back through the volumes finds too many of my recommended friends now lead to a “sorry” page.Support - Sorry that page doesn't exist!

I think one of the best things we can do to keep people from having to drop off of social networks is to support each other. I’ll do my best to find Twitter friends who are both supportive and in it for the long haul. (Still, things change, so only time will tell.)