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Music Rocks

#2FollowTuesday volume 30 (music rocks)

Music Rocks

Whatever else is true in our world, music is now and always a potential force for good. In short, music rocks.

With that in mind, I am recommending two more wonderful friends on this #2FollowTuesday. Both of these tweeps have been conversational with me and others while sharing helpful posts on a variety of subjects loosely surrounding music.

Ralph Diekemper and I have interacted many times about our love of piano composition. Besides being an versatile atmospheric composer, Ralph is attentive to the trajectories of independent music artists. He supports other composers and songwriters with his tweets. Plus, he’s responsive to articles about innovations for musicians. I’m glad to know Ralph and think you’ll be happy you connected with him, too.

As you can tell by their band name, TittyBingo are happy to engage in whimsical ways. Though their sound is straight-ahead, their tweets tend to range wildly from Texas to neuro-research about drinking in mice. Obviously, they get back to music frequently and that’s why we all keep coming back: music rocks. Oh, yes: they check in with their friends regularly, too. Check them out!

Twitter Bullying and Fallout

Music RocksWhen I started #2FollowTuesday nine months ago, it seemed like such a great and easy idea. I still like supporting my friends, but Twitter has turned out to be a sometimes fickle social network. That fickleness has led to too many of my friends leaving the twittersphere to spare themselves from a range of attacks: from stress to real-life-threats.

The bullying by major political leaders seems to have contributed to the swollen egos of far too many trolls on Twitter. Coupled with the network’s lack of anti-bullying terms of service, this has led to people — especially women — leaving. If you go back through my recommendations, you’ll see that a few of them have left in spite of having significant followings on Twitter. What a mess.

I am sad to live in a world and be part of social media that condones (or at best tries to ignore) hatred and bullying. But I will not let that stop me from doing my what I can do to spread kindness and positive change. To that end, I’m choosing to continue this way of supporting my friends on Twitter.


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  1. Two more of my friends (not the ones recommended today) were locked out of Twitter today. It’s getting really stupid and sad. I hope Twitter will get a clue before it’s too late…

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