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#2FollowTuesday volume 29 (artists)

Artists get my attention. Some attract my eye or ear with their art; others with their desire for collaboration or their love of life. Today’s #2FollowTuesday recommendations are in the “all of the above” category.

Rachel Cohen has a fabulous eye. Not only can you tell in her beautiful photographs, but her eye for honoring (and sharing) other artists is also wonderful. In other words, RC is enthusiastic about sharing her own and her friends’ art. Both are quite dazzling!

If you are inspired by nature, but can’t always get outdoors, Rachel’s photos are a great way to keep that inspiration alive. Please check out her tweet stream, her online portfolio, and follow her to stay in touch.

Artists DrawIn addition to being a really cool improviser in Out Of The Blue Improv Ensemble, Scott Dawson is a very creative artist, designer, long-distance runner, parent/spouse, and friend. I’m sure there are at least dozens of other things that should be in that list. When you follow him on Twitter and on his blog, you’ll discover at least some of those.

Maybe you have already caught on: Scott and I are both members of Out of the Blue. And yes, we get together for coffee sometimes. So I do know that Scott is a good friend. Please check out all he has to share.

Please follow my friends Rachel and Scott. I think you’ll be pleased that you did. And please be sure to say “hello” from me.