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2017 – the year in review

"Dream This" cover art hoodie2017 was a year of change. And I’m not even talking about politics or the business of being an independent musician. Though these have had a significant impact on me, I will only be reviewing my personal moments from the year.

Change is what it is. It’s not bad or good. It is what you or I make of it. So here are some of the changes and highlights in my year.

2017 – the year that preceded 2018

Shifting Sands

Let Go Butterfly BoyThe downside of 2017 included being laid off from my day job. I got the news in the middle of the year and my “workforce reduction” action was completed by October 1. Though I miss the comfort of having that income, in the end this was the journey I needed to make.

What I mean by that is: I’ve been pondering for a few years about how my livelihood is not an ideal match for my values. Besides the obvious ones like love and music, I value:

  • community (a group of 2017people where everyone who is a part of it can have a sense of belonging)
  • kindness (hopefully this one is obvious, though current culture does not always seem to exemplify it)
  • simplicity
  • connection and friendships (one-on-one relationships and collaborations)
  • family

Fading From View

Become a VIP and patron of the artsA few other things that came and went in 2017:

  • #2FollowTuesday (started in 2016) went by the wayside. The intention was great. Unfortunately…
  • Several of my good friends left Twitter. And they had good reason(s) to. The bullying that this platform allows from very large, notorious accounts has caused a ripple effect across the entire network.
  • As I stated about a year ago, I completely abandoned Patreon. I found their accounting to be very random and suspect. Plus, BandCamp VIP has proven to be an excellent platform for doing the same thing. One of the best ways you can support me is by subscribing there.

Thanks for checking out my year in review. How was your 2017? I always enjoy reading your stories here or on Twitter.