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Bleeding Hearts for Tweets

#2FollowTuesday volume 9

Bleeding Hearts for TweetsYes, it’s time for my ninth installment of #2FollowTuesday: check out the previous recommendations by clicking here. This week, I chosen two inspiring women whose hearts shine through into the virtual world of Twitter. They each have distinctive voices that show their character. What’s in common between them is their forward-thinking and affirmation. They choose to create (rather than tear down). And their wish for a better world is something we all can use more of. I can’t say enough good about each of these women, but I’ll sure try. Read on, be sure to follow them, and say “hello” from me.

Jackie Yun tweets about everything from leadership to peaceful inspiration. She engages through Twitter chats and responding positively to her social networking friends. In every way, Jackie is a force for good on Twitter. That makes me glad to know her and overjoyed to encourage you to connect with her, too. Scan Jackie’s twitter feed and I’m sure you’ll want to follow her in a flash.

Angie tweets and retweets positive messages, beautiful images, and occasional posts about TV shows or the Denver Broncos. She is friends with a host of wonderful people on Twitter. I’m always grateful to respond to her whether we are online at the same time or exchanging tweets over days because of our varied schedules. I’m sure that once you see Angie’s tweet stream, you’ll see what I mean and will want to follow her, too.

As I said in volume one, I’ll never get to all the wonderful folk on Twitter if I only cover two each week. Still, I’ll keep offering up these great tweeters to you again next week. Thanks for stopping by and for following these delightful people.