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#2FollowTuesday volume 7

Stay The Course for #2FollowTuesdayHey, for a guy who can’t stick with one thing, posting #2FollowTuesday seven weeks in a row is pretty good! Seriously, Please check out the previous volumes and follow all of these beautiful folk. This week, I’m recommending two consistent and wonderful people who are experts in their respective fields.

I don’t remember how John Lusher and I met first on social networks. Given how active — and interactive — we both are on Twitter and our mutual enjoyment of coffee, it’s no surprise, though. John is an all-around (not just social media) marketing expert with a great blog and array of community management services.

John’s gratitude and friendship on social networks always is genuine. Be sure to check out his interactive stream of tweets.

Carrie Brummer is a wonderful blogger and artist. I’ve been consistently inspired by her creativity and her great business sense. She provides a wonderful stream of artist interviews, invitations to create, art marketing tips, and much more on her blog. Each post is full of solid goodness; no fluff.

On Twitter, she brings a positive spirit to inviting each of us into our own creative capabilities. Check out Carrie’s feed, become a client or patron, and follow her today.

Check back next week and see if I can make it eight straight weeks…

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