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#2FollowTuesday – volume 5

Here is the fifth in my series of #2FollowTuesday recommendations for folks to follow on social networks, especially Twitter. I have two more that I admire for a host of reasons, mostly because they both follow their dreams…

Tracy Ready understands reciprocity and puts it into practice on social networks. Plus, he dreams big. In addition to his video production business, he’s released an album of original and cover tunes, done a number of photography series, and done lots of other successful stuff. His dog says he’s the best behind-the-ear-scratcher ever. The point is, Trace is a good buddy and long-time social-media friend. (We really must meet and jam in person one day!) Please follow Mr. Ready and say a big “hello” from me.

Follow Your DreamsMy friend Dylan lives in the Netherlands, is multi-lingual, an entrepreneur, music lover, a loving dad, and he does follow his dreams. I met him during a stopover on the way to Spain a few years ago. It was even more fun to hang out with him over meals and at the sights around Amsterdam than it is to see him around the Twittersphere.

Dylan runs (at least) two accounts. His @maketodayrock tweets keep “This Day In Music” alive and focused on Twitter and around the interwebs. Be sure to follow and list this account so that you can keep up with these great tweets! He really does “make today rock” every day.

That’s it for volume 5. Check back next week for two more great follows. For today, be sure to follow Tracy Ready and Dylan Vanderbraak — aka Mr. Make-Today-Rock.