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#2FollowTuesday – volume 3

Social networks are a great place for all genders to be more equal than in our respective cultures. We can only hope that this will help to change things in the political and social milieus beyond the interwebs. Meanwhile, I am recommending two women to you who are wonderful people with beautiful and energetic Twitter streams in my next installment of #2FollowTuesday.

(2019 update: Linda Freeman is a person of integrity who has chosen to leave most social networks due to the prevalence of hate and bullying. I deeply respect her for being so authentic.)

When I first encountered Linda Freeman on social media, she was exercising her creativity in songwriting. These days, she shares fabulous photographs of scenes from her travels and those of others; wonderful connections she’s made in her social media “travels”; and inspiring quotes. I know that Linda is genuine because her personality on Twitter completely matches what I’ve experienced when I met her in person. In addition to Twitter, she has a wonderful and very active Instagram page, as well. Please follow her and be sure to say “hello”.

Adel De Meyer is helping brands “simplify social media”. She is a networking powerhouse in her own right who also loves family and sunshine. Though I have not met Adel in person, I’ve enjoyed a video chat with her. (She’s the queen of new social networking technology, of course!) Adel is on many social platforms — some that I’ve only heard of because of her! You’ll find no shortage of inspiration and tips in her Twitter feed.