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#2FollowTuesday volume 28 (music makers)

Music makers are some of the best people. Here are two that I recommend because they are so cool.

I still remember going to hear Delilah sing at a gig in New Jersey a few years ago. She had already won my heart on Twitter and meeting her in person was even better.

guitar music makersDelilah has a voice that ranges from sweet tones to raspy blues. In addition to gigs at venues all around the New York city area, she is a generous contributor to charitable events. She finds and supports some amazing causes about real people. That impresses me.

Delilah has a great attitude, works hard at her art, and gives back to the communities she is a part of. I’m glad to call her a friend. Check out her recent addition of musical telegrams that you can book with her.

Paul Kent is a modern composer with an awesome presence on BandCamp. (As you know, I’m a big fan of Bandcamp.) Though I don’t know him well, I get the sense that he is a wise and generous person. He certainly is very supportive of other music makers as you’ll see in his online presence.

I appreciate everything I’ve heard from his online albums. Please go have a listen. Follow him on Twitter to learn about his new releases and much more.

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These are two more wonderful friends that I recommend you follow on Twitter. More importantly, check out their musical offerings. Thanks!