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Artists require courage

#2FollowTuesday volume 26 (artists)


Artists require courageThere are many wonderful artists on Twitter and other social networks. As you can imagine, this means it can be tricky to rise above the crowd. For me, the ones who do this the best are like the two I’ve chosen for volume 26 of #2FollowTuesday — they bring their own personality to their interactions. Check out and follow these two amazing visual artists.

Kerri Farley and I met many years ago on Twitter. Since then, our kinship has remained strong around creativity and being an artist in the fast-paced environment of social networks and interwebs.

Besides her online presence with her digital art, Kerri may often be found at art shows and galleries nearer to her home in the Eastern United States. In addition, she is a vibrant advocate for other artists that she appreciates.

Please view and buy Kerri’s art. I can’t say enough accolades for her. She is a wonderful, positive person with a huge portfolio of magnificent visuals. Follow her on Twitter to keep her glorious art in your online stream.

Another fine art and nature-connected artist is Juergen Roth. He has such a myriad of beautiful art choices that I hesitate to try to categorize what he does. It’s enough to say that he produces wonderful visuals and you should connect with him for that alone.

Add to this that Juergen is a wonderful supporter and connector with other artists online and he is an unbeatable friend. Because of all this, I encourage you: do not hesitate. Go and follow him now.

Thanks for reading. Please follow Kerri and Juergen. And check back next week for two more Twitter #2FollowTuesday recommendations.