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#2FollowTuesday volume 24

Tweet StreamEvery tweet stream is unique. As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” Or perhaps to illustrate the point, the proverb could say “varieties are the spices of lives”. To say it another way, there are many flavors of goodness. So, this week for #2FollowTuesday I’m recommending two gentlemen of Twitter for very different reasons. I like them both and hope you will follow them, too.

Deke Bridges shares uplifting images and sayings. This fact makes it easy to find inspiration in his tweet stream. Add to this the fact that Deke interacts with other interactive folk and it makes him one of the finest people you can connect with on Twitter. Please check out his tweets and follow him.

Adam Marx is one of the most intriguing people I’ve met on Twitter. As you can see in his tweet stream, his interests vary from sports to politics to history to music. And that last example was where we connected. He saw something I shared about independent musicians, he responded, and the rest is our mutual history. Adam has a lot of very informed stuff to say about music, music marketing, and many technologies that surround music these days.

One thing that demonstrates Adam’s vast interests are his “side projects”. For example, he is also the co-founder of Glipple. Check it out through their twitter channel.

Twenty-four weeks is a good run (for me, anyway)! Though I will come back to these weekly recommendations, I need to take a few weeks off to focus on recording and other music projects. Stay tuned for more #2FollowTuesday …