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#2FollowTuesday Volume 22 musicians (again)

Musicians? Again?

musiciansIt was bound to happen: I guess musicians like to connect with other musicians even on Twitter. Even if we can’t have a jam of the old fashioned kind, we’ll create something new. Check out this week’s #2FollowTuesday recommendations. Though they’re both musicians, they are each one of a kind.

D. Shoji Nakamoto is a Hawaiian singer-songwriter with regular live gigs. He has several recordings including one that was reviewed by my volume 3 friend, Linda Freeman. As a musician and music lover, he is original and true to his influences. As a friend, he is loyal and consistent. One of the ways you’ll see this displayed on Twitter is by the beautiful retweets in his stream. Derek supports his friends in the most honest and generous ways.

If you’re on Oahu — as a resident or visitor — check out this schedule of gigs. Otherwise, visit Mr. Nakamoto on Twitter and follow him.

Dewaine Wakeman is a twitter force to be reckoned with: not only does he provide the finest bluegrass jukebox on the whole platform, the rest of his tweets are focused on moving the world to a better place. (If you’ve been following this series you know that positivity is a theme.) This is one of Dewaine’s fortes: even when challenges face him, he finds the best positive focus and moves the conversation there. I’m consistently impressed with his tweets.

Check out Dewaine’s great, positive tweets. Follow him and listen to the great banjo tunes he plays and shares!