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#2FollowTuesday volume 21 (big-hearted musicians)

big-hearted sketchBig-hearted

You might think it’s hard to find someone who is big-hearted these days. Too often the news (and therefore our Twitter feed) is splattered with hateful messages. In the #2FollowTuesday for this week, I recommend two more people who are helping to turn that around by being thoughtfully compassionate. Please read and follow.

Donna Lynn Caskey is forward-thinking. Recently, when Tom Rutherford told us about how he had lost his guitars in an accident several years ago, she asked the right question: how could we help? That led to a campaign to get Tom a new guitar. And that’s just what we did.

Be sure to check out Donna Lynn’s music which she highlights regularly in her tweet stream along with upcoming gigs. Naturally, you can also find a music-player and lots more about this songwriter on her web site. Please check out her tweetstream and follow her big-hearted escapades.

Gary Benny is a generous man. I know this because in addition to being a father, grandfather, and husband, he contributed to Tom’s guitar. (See above for that story.) Given his choice of guitars and computer platform (check his bio for details), I can also say that Gary has very good taste. Please follow him on Twitter to learn more.

The world needs compassion and understanding. Here you go, two more big-hearted people to connect with on Twitter.