#2FollowTuesday volume 20 (understanding)


In the digital world, it can be very easy to misunderstand each other. Because we try to limit or abbreviate what we are “saying”, it sometimes does not have enough context or content to convey what we really mean. Texting is the example that many people have shared with me in which the idea they tried to convey was completely misconstrued as something else by the recipient.

Similarly, Twitter with its 140 character limitation can seem vague or fail to get the full idea across. Initially, I misunderstood something that these two very cool tweeps tweeted. Eventually, we found understanding and mutual connection. That’s why I’m suggesting that you follow them today.

Two Understanding Tweeps

Darek composes music. He does a lot of other stuff, too. What impresses me most about him is the wish for the world to be a better place; for human beings to be kinder; and for himself and each of us to excel. As you’ll see, Darek’s tweet stream is a wonderful shower of inspiration. I’m really glad that our initial encounter quickly shifted to understanding because I now consider him a good, online friend! Please check out the tweets below, follow Darek, and say “hello” from me.

Orlando A. Robertson and I also met on Twitter because I misunderstood one of his tweets. After a quick (online) conversation, we figured it out and found our way to understanding. His tweets are not lightweight. They pack a serious tone about justice (or lack thereof) in the USA and beyond. Like all of my #2FollowTuesday recommendations, Orlando is seeking to create a better world. Please check out his tweet stream and follow him if you are ready for a more just society.

Twenty weeks of at least two great tweeps to follow! Please be sure to follow Derek and Orlando. Plus all the other wonderful folk in this #2FollowTuesday series.