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#2FollowTuesday – volume 2

tweets on TwitterHere we go with round two of people I enjoy interacting with on social networks. Check back here for Tuesday updates that I’m calling #2FollowTuesday on Twitter. Both of my recommendations today are musicians. Each one does a lot of other stuff, too, so be sure not to pigeon-hole them. I’m happy to say that I’ve met both of these people (at the same @CDBaby event!) in person. Each of them is a person that I consider a friend and whose work I admire. I am confident that our paths will cross again and I look forward to that. (As you can imagine, I’ve met literally hundreds of musicians on Twitter, so there will be many more to come.)

Solveig Whittle has many songs and recordings to her credit: some with her partner Stevie, and others as a vocalist on recordings by other songwriters. One focus of hers these days is marketing for musicians and others. Solveig is personable and passionate. Some of this comes across on Twitter, but it was meeting her IRL that told me she’s the “real deal”. Please follow her on Twitter to learn more.

Tweets by @shadesofsolveig

Scott Colesby is a bluesman. His renditions of traditional blues and original tunes tell you that he belongs in New Orleans. Video is another of his areas of expertise. He is a storyteller and a tech geek; somehow bringing a just-so balance of each into his video channels. When you follow Scott on Twitter, you get the real Scott. 100%. No more. No less. You will probably see a story or two (with photos or video) about his cat.

There you go; my two recommended follows for today. Seriously, if you didn’t click one of the follow links above, let me give you another chance: Please follow Solveig and Scott.

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