Positive Vibes

#2FollowTuesday volume 19 (positive vibes)

Positive VibesPositive vibes are something I can never get too much of. In spite of the persona I often present, I’m a pessimist. When I find myself going to that “dark side”, I turn to people who have a way of uplifting me. My two recommendations today are high on that list of folk who uplift. So, here we go with another #2FollowTuesday.

As you can see in her tweet stream, Paula Tooths shares plenty about health, gratitude, and hopefulness. She is very interactive with plenty of variety in her tweets. Needless to say, Paul brings positive vibes to the Twitter and the human world. Please follow her and say “hello”!

When Maria M. and I met on Twitter, it was immediately clear that she is a music lover. In fact, you can find which music she loves in her bio. Check out Maria’s Instagram account for fun photos and mini-videos of concerts.

Both of these women are European. Paula is in the UK and Maria is from Italy. They are both well-travelled and cosmopolitan in their outlook. That alone is enough to give them positive vibes.

Please follow these two positive influences and check back next week for two more. Thanks!