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#2FollowTuesday volume 18 (writers)

Writers Love Reading140 characters is not very many when it comes to writing. Brevity is key. I’ve met many writers on Twitter who know how to get ideas across with vigor and imagery. I’m recommending two women in volume 18 of #2FollowTuesday who are exceptional in this regard and as human beings.

I can’t find enough accolades for Ami Hendrickson. Besides being a stellar author and blogger, Ami is a dear person. Her love of creative work and family shine through in all that she writes. I know that she has been a wonderful friend and supporter to me even while her own life has been challenging.

Please say hello from me when you follow Ami on Twitter. She makes the world a better place.

Brenna Layne seems to have creativity in every cell of her being. I am mesmerized by her photography, poetry, blogging, and artistic collaborations. Use her website to begin to explore this creative side of her life.

At the same time, Brenna continually inspires me as she pursues beauty, cares for her home and family, maps out a path for being an entrepreneurial artist, and offers support for other writers and creatives. Regarding that last point, she is an enthusiastic advocate for the art and artists she appreciates. If we can all follow her example, we will truly improve the world and our own humanity.

I think you can see how much I admire these two writers. I think you will, too. Check back next week to learn about two more wonderful people on Twitter and the interwebs.