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Not the Same Note

#2FollowTuesday volume 17

Music comes in a broad variety of styles, genres, and methods of delivery. Twitter turns out to be a fine place for musicians to learn, share, connect, collaborate, and advertise, so I’ve met lots of music-makers there. Check the other #2FollowTuesday volumes for other musicians and wonderful friends. Today, read and follow the tweets of these two fine musical folk.

Søren M. Dalsgaärd is an active classical composer and musician. Because he is so active with his musical pursuits, he may not be on Twitter every day. I consider this to be an asset in his case. After all, staying focused on composing and such is one of the many things I could learn from Søren.

Not the Same NoteCheck out his friendly tweets below. Be sure to follow him and wave hello from me.

Luke has been a great supporter, conversation starter, and connector with other musicians for me. There’s no way that I can name all the ways he’s been kind, intelligent, and positive in our interactions. I highly recommend connecting with him and checking out his cool musical interests.

Seventeen weeks in a row sharing at least two tweeps per week. That’s pretty good for me. I hope it’s been good so far for you, too! Check out my recommendations and follow these wonderful people.

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