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Gardeners and their blooms

#2FollowTuesday volume 16 (gardens)

Gardens and their bloomsGardens Of Love

The character Chauncey Gardiner in Being There says “A garden needs a lot of care and a lot of love. And if you give your garden a lot of love, things grow.” Though that story is a comedy, the two wonderful gardeners I’m highlighting today are serious about love and helping things to grow. Please follow them on Twitter and check out their wisdom. (To see my other #2FollowTuesday recommendations, click on this sentence.)

Susan Fox raises wonderful roses and other flowers in her gardens. She seems to enjoy interacting on Twitter and has a vibrant presence across the interwebs.

All you have to do is read Susan’s bio on Twitter to find out how passionate she is about her gardening. But be sure to read on through her tweets, follow her, and say “hello” from me.

Shire Hakel has a myriad of interests. Among other things, she is a proponent for philanthropy, care for the natural world, and a love of beauty. On Instagram in particular, you’ll see beautiful photos of her gardens.

We connected some time ago and have extended our connections beyond Twitter. Below, you’ll see a sample of her current tweets. Be sure to follow her for more goodness like this.

That’s it for this week! Two terrific tweeps to appreciate. Check back next week for more.