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#2FollowTuesday volume 15

Harp CreativityI’m astounded (at myself no less). I’ve done the same thing (differently) for 15 straight weeks. I hope you’re following along because I’m recommending some exceptionally wonderful people to follow on Twitter. This week is no exception…

I met Nancy Seibel when we were both on a creativity challenge a few years ago. Nancy has no shortage of passionate, creative forward motion. Her web site motto is to take care of yourself first. And if you’re a creative person, you know how true that is. Of course, Nancy is — among other things — incredibly creative herself. Check out her feed and web site to learn more.

Rebecca Penkett and I met a few years ago on Twitter. She lives in Yorkshire England and though I’ve been to that region a few time in the past, we’ve never met in person. It almost feels like we know each other anyway since we’re such kindred spirits. Harp music, spiritual awakening, care for the earth, and other positive intentions are among the great things that Rebecca tweets and lives.

There you go: another week of two people who have wonderful social media feeds. Please follow Nancy and Rebecca. Tell them I said hello when you do!

NOTE: Rebecca is no longer on Twitter.