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#2FollowTuesday volume 13 (musicians)

Musicians Musical ScoreThirteen is Chris’ and Steven’s lucky number for this edition of #2FollowTuesday. It’s no surprise that though they are each musicians, they have a myriad of other interests. However, our initial reasons for connecting revolve around music-making. I’m glad to know Chris and Steven, so I highly recommend that you connect with them, too.

I had the honor of meeting Chris Robley at the first CDBaby DIY Musician Conference in 2015. Since Chris works for CDBaby, he had to be there. I went by choice and am so glad I did. Besides his great tips and news for indie musicians, Chris is an awesome songwriter in his own right. Check out his releases here.

It turns out that Chris and I have similar leanings in areas of life other than music, so I look forward to continuing to connect with him. Musicians: following Chris is a must! And for everyone on Twitter, I recommend that you follow Chris. Please say hello from me, too.

Steven White is a musician’s musician. What I mean by that is this: he gets excited about everything from geeky musical gadgets to concern for how to make the world a better place. Our Twitter conversations have ranged from our mutual advocacy for the BandCamp platform to the latest musical toy.

Be sure to check out Steven’s solo album on BandCamp and follow him on Twitter. I think you’ll be glad you did.