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#2FollowTuesday volume 12 (artists)

Artists create beautyThere are so many brilliant artists on Twitter. In previous volumes of #2FollowTuesday, I’ve mentioned some like Lori McNee and Carrie Brenner. This week, I’ve got two more for you to follow. Please check out the great art of Dan F. Miller and Brandi Untz.

Dan Miller creates so much wonderful art that it’s difficult to imagine how he has time for social media. Yet, he’s active not only on Twitter, but also on Google+, Instagram, and probably other networks. When you follow his tweet stream, you’ll also find that he shares and supports many other artists as well. Please check it out and follow him.

I discovered Brandi Untz and her art when she downloaded some of my music. Immediately, I knew she had good taste (😉) and is a supportive artist. She is active on Twitter and Instagram while also making lots of mesmerizingly beautiful digital art. In her feed, you’ll also see retweets and quotes from artists and other people she has created community with on the web. Please follow her and say “hello” from me.

Brandi and Dan are my recommendations for this week. Please follow them on Twitter and Instagram, bookmark their websites, and support their creative pursuits. Thanks and see you next week.