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How Will Apple Music Change Streaming?

Apple logoUPDATE: after public pressure from Taylor Swift and several indie artists/labels, Apple Music has agreed that it will pay the music-makers even during the free trial period on Apple Music.

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Apple Music

Is Apple about to change the music industry again? Apple shared their plans to get in on the online streaming game with their new service Apple Music. The service, which will premiere on June 30, immediately started making headlines and it continues to generate buzz amongst musicians, music fans, and techies.

With this news in mind, I dug into some data around online streaming. I had questions about just how many people are streaming music online, how many people are paying for it, and what Apple hopes to accomplish by joining the many other music streaming services already available. Additionally, I was curious how Apple Music compares to other services in terms of what they offer to both artists and fans.

With big name artists like Taylor Swift pulling their music from Spotify, does Apple Music stand a chance? Take a look at the numbers and decide…

Apple Music