#Poem – Costly – Invisible People

You know it's gonna cost you
If you wear those worn out shoes.
They're gonna do worse than
Hurt your feet.
They're gonna make people
Look at ya funny.

They're gonna think you've
Got something wrong;
That you can't get your
Own act together, so
Why should they give you
The time of day?

Bottom line is that
You don't need to worry
About what other people
Think. That's their problem.
But you do deserve better.
That's for sure.

Yes, wearing those old shoes
Would be a costly mistake
If it weren't for the fact
That those shoes
Are the only ones
You got.

Please check out the stories at Invisible People.  Or click here to donate to help people get homes.

~ a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart, for the Invisible People
~ copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc.


  1. “You don’t need to worry
    About what other people
    Think. That’s their problem.”

    Yes Yes Yes my friend!

    Love your words!

    1. Thanks, Kerri! Sometimes my own words are more powerful for me when other people feed them back to me. So, thanks for that…
      You are a great inspiration to me with your own poetry in photos and words.

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