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Letter "G"

my “letter” for 2012 is “G”

If you’re still looking for a way to gleefully ground yourself in 2012, grab the idea put forward by Cynthia Winton-Henry and followed by Anita Bondi at our most recent new year PULSE event. Anita facilitated us in choosing a card from a deck of beautifully hand-drawn letters.


Letter "G"

I chose the letter “G”. It was not the letter I would have chosen if there had not been a stack of cards with letters on them to create the random choice. I might have chosen “T” for trust, temerity and tenderness. Or I might have chosen “S” for stretch, surrender and strength. (Well, I probably would really have chosen “S” because it’s the first letter of my names. But that’s beside the point.) And I pulled a G.

Anita then invited us to find three words that start with our letter. Hmmm. Grateful, gifted and glad. That was easy. And on that night, the drumming I did dropped easily into the idea of these three words. (In PULSE, there are three drumming/movement segments of about 20 minutes each, so the three words meshed well.)

Later, I was able to journal about my three words and found that my writing glided easily between them, like this:


It’s interesting to notice how gratitude comes and goes. As much as I might try to foster gratefulness in my heart and life, I don’t always go there. I notice that when I am more grateful, I am also more


Joy. I want to have the fullness of my gladness. When I get into slogging through the day-to-day to-do lists, I can become very forgetful about my own joy. Yes, that’s it! My gladness is deeply tied to being conscious moment to moment of the gifts that keep coming my way.


Yeah, gifted. Or graced. There is so much that’s magnificently lovely in my world. I have so much comfort and opportunity and beauty in my life. And then, seeing this, it’s much easier to be … yeah, you guessed it … Grateful.

Go ahead. Choose a random letter. See what grace awaits you this year.

Playful blessings,

4 thoughts on “my “letter” for 2012 is “G””

  1. I love how you started your post… with gleefully grounding oneself. Good “g” words. And for me, also, the word gratitude springs to mind, as being grateful provides me with joy and peace. Grace is my second word that springs to mind… that unearned favor of great beauty that settles upon me like a cloak. I am grateful for the grace which I receive every day, :)Thank you for your post.


    1. Thanks, Carolyn!

      Yes, it looks like our “g” words are very simlilar. I eventually named all those you used except “great” (before “beauty”). I’m smiling because that’s such a (pardon my redundancy) great word to use.

      Thanks, BTW, for your gracious gift of your gleefully graphic book. I look at it every day as part of my introspective time.

      Playful blessings,

  2. Love this! I wound up with Z & kept it. Came up with “zest, zing & zoom.” Rediscover my boundless enthusiasm (zest), share (zing) it with everyone & catapult (zoom) my life in fast-forward!

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