move your body into the dance

drumming up some Summertime fun

Among the musical instruments that I play, hand drums are probably my third best (after piano/keyboard and guitar). Yet, I still deeply enjoy frame drum, djembe and darbuka beats. There's something that enters into bodies in a wonderful way when drum beats start. People like to move whether its to touch the skin of the drum or because their feet start calling out to catch the rhythm.

This Summer has turned out to be my “Summer of drumming”. Not only is it a wonderful time for the people who want to tap their hands and fingers on the heads of these beautiful instruments; It's also a great chance for the listeners to follow the beat into rhythmic movement (sometimes called “dance” move your body into the dance).

One of these awesome drumming gigs was set up by my Kenneth Meyer who is an amazingly versatile and skilled drummer. It's “FireDrum” and happening every Wednesday night for the rest of the Summer at Split Rock Resort. This is a great time for children, adults, and whole families to have a great time with rhythm. We consider everyone who shows up a musician, a drummer and a dancer. FireDrum runs from 9:00-10:00PM each Wednesday night of July and August.

On Friday, July 29, I will lead a drumming circle at Skytop Lodge. This one starts at 10:00AM and is great fun for children and families as well. Skytop generously provides drums for this music and dancing circle. Peter Tawney is the regular leader of these circles.

Then, on Monday, August 1, Anita Bondi and I will lead the regular monthly PULSE. This is one hour of movement and drumming that can be as energetic or quiet as you like. Each participant sets their own pace. The drummers improvise — usually in three 20-minute segment — for the full hour to give your heartbeat a connection to the rest of the rhythms of your body. These are held at Wellspring Holistic Center in downtown Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Visit the PULSE web page for current dates, times and more on this wonderful experience.

I hope you'll join us for one or more of these awesome drum circles and dancing events. Frankly, each venue offers its own musical/dancing delight for these great chances for you to find your rhythm.

Playful blessings,

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