Comments on P.U.L.S.E. from the people who have experienced it!

“What a phenomenal experience last night was for me – the fourth time in a row … Thanks both for the wonderful evening and all the effort you both put into making a container for this to happen…”

“I am still flying high after the great Trance Dance experience last night.  I am bringing looseness with me throughout my day and allowing myself to trust and let go – so great!  Thank you for the fun night of dance…”

“Thanks for a provocative Trance Dance session–the movements connected me with much needed clarity.”

“So wonderful to just let go and move, explore, do, be.”

“Just wanted to say thanks so, so much for the music and dance on Monday. I returned home to fountain of questions from [my family], and the more I talked about what you offer this community, the more I felt grateful for the experience. And yesterday, I swear I could move better….I think there were muscles that hadn’t been woken up for some time.”

“First, the music was awesome!!! Thank you so much… Tonight I danced with all of you and your energy, often finding myself in trinities… It was all good! And I loved how I found myself so slowly sauntering, almost floating to our car – just full of life and contentment.”

“I enjoyed Monday night so much! I forgot that it was the night for the trance dance, came in thinking it was a regular class night, but I am really glad I happened to get there on one of the trance dance nights. It was a totally different experience for me, but was actually so comfortable. I almost started to cry when you turned the lights out as I realized that this really was a time to just let go, move freely, and to not have to worry about anyone looking at me/judging me. And I was able to mostly let go of my natural tendency to judge myself as well. Out of my head, into my body…that is very new to me, but I realize just how much I need to go in that direction. It feels great for me.”

“I reached a peak and I felt my consciousness just elevate upward, outward, inward- as if I was soaring, ready to break through a boundary that’s been there for a long time. Just before I broke through, it stopped…quietly, gently, letting me down safely.”

“Loved the dancing last night so much! and of course seeing you. The best part is how comfortable I feel in that place with you guys. … I know I enjoyed it.”

“I did really enjoy the opportunity to express myself through Dance.”

“I was thoroughly enjoying the vibrations, holding my intentions, and
just being there. I am unsure how to explain what happened next, but I
am not completely certain of what it was…..did I fall asleep, was I
awake just in another state, don’t know. All I do know is whatever
happened, I was still conscious of the music and of my intention. When
I “awoke” I was fully aware now of others in the room…….so, I was
thinking, was that when the music changed and the shift occurred where
I connected with other people and my community?”

“It was so overwhelmingly wonderful…I so loved leaving in
silence.  It really helped to let…feelings linger.
It was like having a wonderfully delicious orgasm and then just laying there,
savoring the juiciness and not wanting it to end.”

“I definitely felt connection to the group in a way i have not
experienced before…there was clearly for me connection to …waves of
interconnection…  I am finding it difficult to name the
experience with words…”

“…afterwards, I couldn’t seem to wind down. …I was buzzing…can just sit…and be blown away by your music …
because it is truly amazing! Thank you for a great experience!”

“I feel calmer today and was extremely calm last nite following the dance … I also felt free enough to try some old movements and follow my mind. At one point I copied flying like a bird, landing and nesting to rest. I did obtain some altered state of mind doing this.”

“It was a unique and fun experience … I did get quite a work out. I especially liked the sensation of the circle with eyes closed and subtle movement…the drumming reminded me of the African or Native American dances, and was certainly conducive to any personal movement.”

When is the next PULSE Trance Dance?


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