Stan Stewart, improviser and independent musician

Spontaneous music composition — music made in the now — is his forte: the pure joy of creating improvised music from the inspiration of the present moment. Stan Stewart is a versatile and experienced musician who has performed all over the world — including Australia, Scotland, Canada and the United States. He developed improvisation as a member of WingIt! Performance Ensemble in Oakland, California, Alligator Mouth Improv Company in New York and Anita Bondi And Company in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania. He is a certified InterPlay leader and a student of improvisational genius Rhiannon and the king of spontaneous composition, Bobby McFerrin. Whether creating improvised music or performing songs and music of many ages and genres, he puts his heart into the moment.

All of his musical compositions started out as spontaneous improvisations.

For his online presence, you can friend him on Twitter or connect with him on other social media from here.

Here are a few of his piano improvisations. Note how each of them has their own character “of the moment”.


Stan regularly can be heard at weddings and other ceremonies: solo or performing as a member of instrumental and vocal groups. For samples of some of his wedding performances, please visit the wedding music page. Another example is when he performed for an art opening for the paintings of Katrina Morse, playing a piano improvisation for each of the pieces in the exhibit.

When playing as a solo musician, he sometimes uses a technique called live-looping that allows him to play multiple layers of sounds. (Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.)

In his project studio, Stan records CD‘s and digital downloads. He has been recording engineer and producer for several independent recordings, enjoys putting songwriters at ease so they can focus on their music (and not the digital technology) in his studio, and loves it when musical artists ask him to join in with the music-making. The recordings include spontaneous/improvisational music, cover songs, classical music, folk/Celtic songs, and lots of original songs/music.

Disappointment and Delight was Stan’s first solo recording. He improvised the instrumental piano/keyboard pieces, arranged, recorded and mastered the CD. You can get your copy of the CD at CDBaby.


Stan blogs his poetry here, too.

…and now, back to the music…

This is an Stan Stewart’s “Animated” for game/animation/film sequence. Listen for the momentous building of intensity and anticipation.

These instrumental pieces are tracks from Stan’s 2001 release Disappointment and Delight

This improvisation – “Improv in 11” – was created via live looping entirely on the Boss RC-50 using acoustic guitar and voice. (The time signature is 11/8 for musicians who are interested.) The original spontaneous composition occurred during an InterPlay class.

For more of Stan’s music, please visit the wedding music page.

Stan can also play songs that he didn’t write. Here is a sample of one of his performances of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”.

…and here’s a video of Stan playing Iris (recorded by the Goo Goo Dolls) at an arts event in 2010. Please forgive the obviously “live” video/audio quality.

What is it that Stan does? founded his corporation in 2001 (with the name change to muz4now™ in 2011), certified in InterPlay teaching/leading, improviser (improvisation) or spontaneous music, wedding musician, digital audio recording producer and engineer, creates CD and MP3 recordings, musical arranging, teaches classes, performance art, improv poet, guitarist, pianist, keyboardist, hand drummer (frame drum, djembe, and percussion instruments), singer, songwriter, former member of Penn Strings, and so much more.


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