The DR-660 Dr. Rhythm is a professional quality rhythm composer with 255 editable sounds. Each of the 16 pads is touch and velocity sensitive providing expressive control. Digital reverb and chorus and four assignable audio outputs make this affordable instrument ideal for both studio and live applications.


  1. With the power on, press UTILITY.
  2. Cursor right > to 8 INIT.
  3. Press ENTER twice.

Playing the Demo Song

  1. Press SONG so the display indicates Song Mode.
  2. Scroll the Data Wheel past Song 99 to "Arsenal".
  3. Press Play.
Playing Preset Patterns

  1. Press PATTERN/SONG so that the display indicates Pattern Mode.
  2. Select Pattern P00 8Beat 1 using the Data Wheel or the 10-Key.
  3. Press TEMPO. Use the Wheel to set the desired Tempo. Press TEMPO to return to Play mode.
  4. Press START.
  5. Select new Patterns using the Wheel.
Playing Realtime Pattern Change

  1. Press SONG to select Pattern Mode.
  2. Select Pattern P00 8Beat 1 using the Data Wheel or the 10-Key.
  3. Press START.
  4. Press FWD for the Fill-to-Variation.
  5. Press BWD for the Fill-to-Original.
  6. Press START while the pattern is running to alternate between the Original and Variation Pattern.
Play Drum Kits

  1. Press DRUM KIT.
  2. Play the Pads then, scroll the Data Wheel to select Power 1. Play the Pads.
  3. Use the Data Wheel to choose the TR808, Brush 1, Cheap, and Bass Kits and X Fade kit as you play the Pads.
  4. Choose X Fade kit. Hold roll and show cross fading with ride cymbal and snare.
Demonstrating A/B banks and layering

  1. Play the Pads with various velocity levels.
  2. Press Pad Bank to select Bank B.
  3. Press Pad Bank again to Layer A and B.
  4. Hold the ROLL button while applying aftertouch to a pad to control the roll volume.
Using Effects

  1. Press REVERB or CHORUS.
  2. Tap the Pad you want to edit.
  3. Use the Data Wheel to set the amount of Effect for this Pad.
  4. Press EFFECT.
  5. Cursor right to select the Effect parameter, and use the Data Wheel to set its value. For an example of these effects in action, press DRUM KIT and select Kits 29-31, Chorus, Delay, and Vrb & Dly.
Sound Editing

  1. Press PAD.
  2. Cursor right to the desired parameter, such as Nuance.
  3. Tap the Pad you wish to edit. Ride Cymbal works well.
  4. Use the Data Wheel to set the value.
  5. Press SONG to return to Song or Pattern mode.
Assigning sounds to Pads

  1. Press the pad button.
  2. Assign? will show, press ENTER (yes).
  3. Tap a pad.
  4. Use arrow up and down keys to change sound.
Real-time pattern write

  1. Press SONG and REAL so that Pattern Real Mode is displayed.
  2. Use the Wheel to select a User Patter, numbers 100-249.
  3. Press DRUM KIT and use the wheel to select a Kit for your pattern.
  4. Press REC.
  5. Press START and play the pads into your pattern.

Click here for a TurboStart guide to the DR-660 in PDF format.

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