Red Note "good music"What is “good music”? For me, it’s something different almost every day. Plus, it’s hard to define. So, a few days ago, I posted this on my social networks:

While the responses were as diverse and complex as my delightful friends, there were some themes:

  • It varies with the listener. (“Music that works for the listener.” “The music I like/listen to.” “Good music is only defined in the heart of the listener.” And more.)
  • It brings up a feeling. (“Sounds that give the listener pleasure.” “Passion.”)
  • One’s body responds to it. (“It makes you want to dance” said more than one person in private messages to me.)
  • Or all of the above. (“Your soul sings and dances at the same time over and over again!”)

Blue Note "good music"The comic answers were very entertaining, too:

Less than “great music” but not entirely “crappy”. Nowhere near “classic”, “epic” or “killer” but worthy of a listen…perhaps.

 Here are my friends’ answers as they were sent to me. (You must click on “Comments” to view all of the actual comments in the FaceBook post. If it doesn’t pop up for you, several of those responses are listed above!) See if you find the same themes when you read through them. Be sure to add your own reflections on what “good music” is in the comments!




Let me know what you think “good music” is. And keep listening…


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11 Responses to I asked my friends to define “good music”. Here’s what they said.

  1. I enjoy many types of music mostly electronic & house music. Good music is different for each person but for me it can bring a smile and provide just the correct amount of ‘distraction’ when you turn it up loud. Music can make any bad day a better day and make great times memorable.

    • muz4now says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Cinnamon. That “mix” does sound perfect and I so agree about making days better and worth remembering.

      Keep rockin’!

  2. muz4now says:

    And they keep coming…

  3. muz4now says:

    Two more great responses!

  4. Pali Raj says:

    A good music is, that can make the child in you dance!! :-)

  5. muz4now says:

    More great comments on Facebook! Check these out by clicking on the “Comments” or “Timeline” button.

  6. muz4now says:

    Another wonderful and this time artful response…

  7. muz4now says:

    Keep ’em comin’… :)

  8. muz4now says:

    Another great answer from a Twitter friend:

  9. muz4now says:

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