Kingfisher "No Fishing" by Alan TunnicliffeSprillitz!

Avoiding Summer heat in the
Shade of the shoreline trees,
Kingfisher swoops to seemingly
KrAsH headlong into the water’s

This time, there is no catch.
Or perhaps she was simply
Quenching her thirst in preparation
For the next hunt.

Shhhwash! Splatz!Kingfisher 4 by Barry Boswell

This time, the tail and mouth of
An undetermined sort of fish —
Not flapping or struggling at all —
Can be seen for a brief moment as
Kingfisher swoops to the
Next branch.

Not content, she immediately
Shifts in a blur of light and

Kingfishers by Jeroen StelShhhhhhootz!!

For the next act,
She invites no

Breakfast is served…

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

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