The moon does not blaze its wayMoon Above Departing Thunderstorm by Joseph Green
From the cusp of the horizon
To the heights of the atmosphere.
It is content to meander slowly,
From the tops of the ridges
To the apex of its nightly rounds.

There, with its reflected brilliance
(Shining alike on cloud and clear)
The moon
(Without judgment or care;
An almost caressing guardian
Of the night sky)
Surveys the wonders
Of a humanity asleep
Dreaming or
Even longing for the other

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2012 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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4 Responses to #Poem – Effective (An Ode to the Moon)

  1. Amazing photo!! Beautiful words!

    • muz4now says:

      Thanks, Susan! Always appreciate you dropping by… The photo is not by me: Joseph Green took it. Obviously, he has an eye for such a majestic capture.


  2. Beautifully said Stan,
    I am an amateur astronomer (not into ASTROLOGY), and so am always watching the moon and other night sky beauties. As a poet as well, I really enjoy your Ode to the Moon and the relationship to the photo image!

    You might enjoy the image and Haiku (towards the bottom) by a GUEST BLOGGER on my site at this link:

    Thanks for sharing.

    • muz4now says:

      Thanks so much for your response. In this case, I added the photo later since the moon sighting that inspired this poem was not captured (at least not by me).

      Thanks for again sharing your beautiful blog.


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