I said I would deliver this to you in February. It was mostly true. But there were a few “issues”.

  1. In my initial post where I asked for the input of other musicians, I didn’t define the parameters enough. In the process of receiving your vast, insightful input, I discovered that there is a significant array of musician tools. In my excitement to get your input and my relative newness to this realm, I did not limit the scope of input appropriately. As a result, I got great feedback on everything from artist online management resources to how to shop songs to various mediums. Covering the entire scope of this would require years of reviews. I’m wanting to be a bit more focused for now.
  2. I value every bit of input I received and will be using it either here or in my own assessments of other tools. For now, however, I’ll only be reviewing the tools that allow independent musicians to perform their own direct digital sales of original songs and collections of songs to buyers (“the public”). Since I am an independent artist, that’s my focus for now. I know that iTunes and Amazon can be important sales tools, but I’m also wanting musicians to have a way to sell their music directly to people who like it and want to buy either whole collections (albums, CD’s, etc.) or individual songs/pieces. One of the results is that you will not see reviews for YouLicenseBroadjamSonicBids, or MusicXRay even though there was some great input on each of these and they could turn out to be a very important asset to many independent musicians. They don’t offer direct sales for independent artists.
  3. The input I received came in every form: phone calls, Twitter, FaceBook, and comments here on the original post. My collection of this data has been as careful as possible and I know that some bits may have fallen between the cracks. In the end, the assessments and reviews that I make are completely my own. And I honor each of you who called, sent information and commented. Thank you from the depths of my heart and best wishes in your music-making.
So, today’s post is not the actual review. (Sorry.) Just letting you know that my upcoming reviews will be of tools for independent musicians to do direct sales. Over the next few weeks, I’ll provide my reviews (one post per online tool) of the resources that got top honors from you and me. I will post on some of the one-stop-shop online resources and the direct-sales-only tools as well. Some special mentions will go to some digital music sales tools with a beautiful twist. So stay tuned.
Playful blessings,
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  7. Hi Stan

    I had a look at you reviews on cd baby tune core etc

    I’m releasing a single which is digital do you think it’s worth doing tun core as I won’t have any hard copies which is best

    Also your information is great thanks very much

    • muz4now says:

      Thanks, Paul! Best wishes with your release.
      Some of my reviews are getting a bit old. If you want to release through iTunes, etc. TuneCore might be ok, though reviews of it tend to be very mixed. Whoever you go with, read their agreement carefully. Many of the publishing agreements have gotten worse for you as the songwriter.
      I always recommend a BandCamp page where you keep full ownership of your music/songs.
      Good luck!

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