In my previous post, I listed five things we (you and I) can do to bring playfulness to our daily lives. Now, I’d like to offer five ongoing inspirations — projects, tools and organizations — that have been helpful to me in keeping play present in my life. I hope they can be helpful to you, too.

First, I can’t mention InterPlay enough. This is a wonderful, well-established set of practices and forms that helps people to unlock the wisdom of the body using active, creative means. Personally, I appreciate it enough to be a “certified leader” in InterPlay. You can find out lots more about InterPlay and connect with them various places by starting with their “about me” page.

The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

The InterPlay Inspiration Deck with “incrementality” selected as my card for the day.

That being said, if you can’t get to an InterPlay event, the best practice I can recommend is to use the InterPlay Inspiration Deck as a daily tool to get your dose of playfulness. This may lead to introspection or pure fun. I just know that it’s an awesome initiator and reminder to be present and inspired each day. I pick a card from The Deck almost every day, so it sits next to my computer desk constantly.

Second, check out the work of Stuart Brown, M.D., who takes us back to the 15th Century to remind us that adult play is not new.

Third, help “Seriously: the Movie” to get off the ground and spread the word about play even more! This awesomely playful project combines real-world examples with current research and is still in its early stages at the moment. Expect to see their crowdsourcing get underway soon.

Fourth, connect with the U.S. Play Coalition if you’re in the United States. Their annual conference is a great way to become infused with the joys of play.

And finally, if you live in Northeastern Pennsylvania or even happen to be passing through, join Anita Bondi and me as we teach (mostly Anita) and provide live music (mostly me, with all participants contributing as they desire) for our weekly InterPlay “movement and healing laboratory”. Anita has been providing this amazing time and space for about 2 decades. I’m so pleased to be a part of this exciting and essential avenue to adult wholeness through play. Here’s a brief, unedited sample (video) of our Monday night class playing to live music.

I’m sure you have other play-based organizations and projects that others can use to encourage play locally and globally. Please post them here so that we can all benefit from the wonders of play.

Playful blessings,

8 Responses to 5 things you can do to keep play in your life and the world

  1. Thanks Stan! For the reminders as well as all the new links. It’s never too late to learn to Play! The ideas of Interplay weave themselves into my daily life in so many ways. And I love my Inspiration Deck!

    • muz4now says:

      Thanks, Susan! You are like a sprite zipping from coast to coast. ;-)

      Do you have other playful organizations or practices that work for you?

      Playful blessings,

  2. Susan Featro says:

    Doing InterPlay with you and Anita and the rest of our marvelous group in the InterPlay “movement and healing laboratory” on Monday nights, using the InterPlay Inspiration Deck, finding and embracing the playful person who lived in me all along but had been denied airtime before…my life has been changed by the power of play, and I am so grateful. Play on!

    • muz4now says:

      Yea! Yippee! What an awesome witness to the power of play, Susan. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and to know the “payoff” you continue to receive from playfulness.

      Playful blessings,

  3. Heidi Minich says:


  4. Lenore says:

    I find that spending time with children is my favorite way to play! I am so lucky to have a job that encourages playing with kids. Also, I have found hula hooping as a great play outlet!

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