This is Scout. He’s a dog that we adopted several years ago. These days, he is aging alongside us. Which is wonderful. He has some idiosyncrasies. So do Anita and I.

And like most pets, Scout thinks he’s the master. Some days, he is.

To me, in certain regards, he’s a sort of mentor monk or bodhisattva. For example, he “taught me” to nap by simply demonstrating how perfectly okay naps are. I know he’s a dog. (And it has not slipped past me that if you flip the letters in dog, it becomes god.)

Scout (aka The Wonder PlayDog) has also appeared on the Virtual Friday Interplay blog.

So this is my little video honoring him. (The improvised piano piece was originally created as an accompaniment for a video by my friend Gregory Tapler. Check out his KickStarter for his new photography project: Resilience.)


For more of Scout, the Wonder PlayDog, click here.

Playful blessings,

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